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1. V3D the computerized wheel alignment
2. No affect by weather, light and more accurately
3. No calibration required


V3D the computerized wheel alignment system adopts advanced measuring technology of 3D image collection, and features fast, precise, robust and easy to use.


Advanced measuring technology of 3D image collection, only four standard designs in target board, there is no electronic components and cable, immediately to read toe, camber, set-back angle and thrust angle.


Through simply turning the steering wheel, it can measure SAI/caster angle at the same time.


Friendly man-machine interface and embedded Help File with a detailed description of the wheel alignment principle, operation and adjustment method ensures fast and easy operation and accurate measurement..


Easy to view the measurements in the same screen directly.


Easy and reliable sensor installation clamp.


Procedures for correcting the steering wheel, through which we can correct steering wheel when it exist un-serious setback or thrust angle causing steering wheel laterally.


Instant retrieval of around 15,000 automobile wheel alignment data the world wide and user library enable the user to input the automobile wheel alignment data by himself or to download the latest automobile alignment data from the Internet.


Standard printer to print the measurement data. The printed data include the data prior to and after the adjustment and the standard data for easy comparison.


The user data and the automobile measurements are saved in the history library and can be printed.


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