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wheel balancer digital computer for truck

Quick Details
Power:     0.2kw automatic wheel balancer
Power Supply:   100v-240v automatic wheel balancer
Balancing Speed:   90-120r.p.m automatic wheel balancer
Max. Wheel Weight:   200kg automatic wheel balancer
Warranty:   12 Months
Max. wheel weight:    200kg
Power supply:   100v-240v
Balancing accuracy:    1g
Balancing speed:    90-120r.p.m
Rim diameter:    10″~39″
Rim width:   20″~47″
Distances to turn the flange:  14 “
Angular position:    512
Package size:   115* 82* 128 cm
Ounce / Gram selectable:   YES


Product Features:
1. Automatic measurement of wheel diameter, width and distance
2. Static / dynamic balance function
3. When the motor drive measurement is finished, the rotary axis will stop working automatically
4.18.5-inch high-definition LCD screen
5. Intelligent aluminum alloy wheel balance mode, can make the arm automatically confirm the paste-type balance block in the aluminum alloy wheel inside the installation location
6. Balance block split function, can help the operator to paste the balance weight block hidden in the aluminum alloy wheel back
7. Self-diagnosis / self-calibration function
8. Length 355mm drive shaft assembly, for a variety of wheel balance
9. Thickness of 4mm box, solid structure, can effectively reduce the resonance of the motor work to improve measurement accuracy
10. Standard taper sleeve quick-lock nut

Technical data
Model CB550
Max.weight of wheel 75kg
Voltage 110/230V 1PH
Balancing accurancy 1g
Balancing speed 7sec
Self-centering rotation speed 90/300rpm
Rim diameter 1″-35″
Rim width 1.5″-20″
Max.wheel diameter 1180mm
Net weight 110kg

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