House system

The roof panel is rock wool board with a thickness of 50mm. The gate is made of sheet metal. The height of the platform is 300mm. It is made of high-quality galvanized steel sheet and high-strength 12# channel steel. The upper shelf is made of 5*30 load-bearing grille. The life span is more than 15 years.

Intake and exhaust system

Siemens technology 2 sets of 4KW low noise blower, air volume: 25000m3 / h, a 4KW low noise exhaust fan, air volume: 12500m3 / h. Bellows size: 2900*1350*3200mm. Full load wind speed: 0.3m/s, air exchange times: 280 times / h.

Purification system

The air inlet is initially filtered to effectively capture dust particles larger than 10um: top Italian technology for efficient filtration, SF-700g for effective filtration to capture dust particles larger than 4um, and ground cotton for glass fiber cotton.

Heating system

Eight sets of far-infrared short-wave baking lamps were used for radiant heating. Three sets of 9kw were arranged on both sides, and two sets of 6kw were arranged on the rear side of the house. Each set of lamps was heated by three 1kw domestic high-quality short-wave infrared lamps. The total heating power is 24kw. Four-way control. Maximum temperature: 80 ° C; working temperature: <60 ° C, heating rate 25 min (20-60 ° C).

Lighting system

32 36w energy-saving lamps. Special electronic ballast, illuminance: 1100Lux.

Electronic control system

Microcomputer program operation, touch switch, automatically display all working process and fault status; temperature rise timing control, normal temperature painting, constant temperature painting, paint switch, lighting switch, emergency stop switch, fault alarm, etc.

Product color

Blue, blush, orange, Audi gray, white gray, etc. can be selected according to user needs.


1. The above standard baking room comes standard with three air ducts and one elbow (not enough for the customer to be responsible or to discuss separately)

2. For the water-soluble paint spraying operation, the water-based paint configuration can be added. There are two rows of adjustable high-speed air nozzles on the top of the room, the number is 32, and two 1.1kw centrifugal water-dissolving fans independently supply air.

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